Playing with a MIDI keyboard

PrestoKeys rapidly improves your sight reading skills, but what about translating the notes from the staff onto an actual piano keyboard? Well, you can always plug in and play with your MIDI keyboard to get that little bit extra from the software. Firstly, will your keyboard work with PrestoKeys? You will need a digital keyboard that can be plugged into your computer via a MIDI connection or USB chord. If you know you can plug in your keyboard, move on, otherwise keep reading. Check your keyboard for a "MIDI out" port. If you can find this you're in luck! You can find a "MIDI to USB" cable from a computer or music store, or for around $5 from eBay. Once you've got your cord you can plug it into your "MIDI out" port on your keyboard and into your USB port on your computer - simple. Now to get your keyboard working with PrestoKeys. Make sure you plug your keyboard in before you run the software. Run it and then navigate to "settings" and you'll see the following screen: PrestoKeys Settings Menu Under the "mode" section, select "midi instrument" and then from the bar on the right, select your midi device. You should now be seeing something like this: PrestoKeys Midi Device Selection If your keyboard isn't showing up, make sure it's plugged in before opening PrestoKeys, restart your computer and make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. And that's it! Start your game and have fun playing with your MIDI keyboard.

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