I find PrestoKeys runs slow at times. Will this ever get fixed?

I am implementing some optimisations that will speed things up a bit. This will be out in the next version.

When will the next update be released and what new features will it include?

The next update should be released by March this year. This is very much an estimate as there are many issues that may cause delays. New features will include:
– Resizable window so you can see more of the game
– Ability to change the size of the staff
– Free trial of Pro version features
– Configure which tracks of a midi song you want to play
– Optimised graphics for improved performance
– Enhanced metronome configuration
– Support for a few simple time signatures
– Several bug fixes

What is the difference between still mode and scroll mode?

In scroll mode the notes are constantly moving. You play the notes when they hit the red line. This mode improves your accuracy, timing and note recognition speed.

Still mode on the other hand has a much higher benefit for your note recognition reflexes, as it leaves you little time to think and encourages you to play the note as fast as possible. In this mode the notes are also stationary, hence it is easier to concentrate on a single note at a time.

It is up to you on which mode you play, so have a go at both and see which is more helpful for you.

I'm getting an error message when I run the game. How do I fix it?

Usually this is caused when two installations of Java are present. Try uninstalling all Java installations and reinstalling the newest version.

When I play keys on my MIDI keyboard they are being played in the wrong octave on the staff. Why is this?

You are in the ‘one octave’ mode. This is designed for very small keyboards or when using the computer keyboard for input. In these cases the octave of the note is disregarded. Turn ‘one octave’ off if you have a decent sized MIDI keyboard. This setting is located on the first page of settings.