Upgrade to Pro Version

Pro Version – $29.95

What you’ll get

When you purchase PrestoKeys Pro, you will receive an activation code to unlock all premium game features including:

MIDI Input

Playing piano on your computer keyboard or clicking on the virtual piano helps, but imagine being able to use a real MIDI keyboard – the benefits rise to a whole new level.

Simply plug in any MIDI keyboard through MIDI port or USB and play in a more natural way. For more information and detailed instructions, visit MIDI Keyboard Tips.

Key signatures

PrestoKeys comes with free accidentals (sharps and flats), but limits you to the single key signature of C Major. When you upgrade to PrestoKeys Pro, you will provide yourself the opportunity to learn from all standard key signatures as well.

Select a single key signature and play a game in that key, or select multiple and the key signatures will change in-game and challenge your ability.

Smart Notes

PrestoKeys generates completely random notes, but what if these notes were smarter – what if the notes made musical sense?

Smart Notes employs a innovative algorithm that selects notes based on a chord progression that is created on-the-fly. Integrated closely with the ‘Smart rhythms’ algorithm, practising with PrestoKeys suddenly sounds fresh and melodious. You will be practising in a more true-to-life style and optionally playing both left and right hands simultaneously.


Don’t limit yourself to single notes. Chords will allow you to play triads of three notes at a time, including inverted ones. In combination with Smart Notes however, you are given even greater capabilities. Play chords from one to three notes with each hand making wonderful melodies and harmonies. You won’t know how it feels until you’ve tried it.

Acoustic Mode

Do you want to use PrestoKeys with a non-MIDI compatible device? Although you won’t receive visual feedback, acoustic mode plays the notes for you, providing an aural way to self-check the notes your playing are correct. Or if you are in the mood to listen to some completely original music, enable Smart Notes, and let your computer sing to you.

Solfa Mode

Play PrestoKeys using a moveable Do. If you aren’t familiar with the term Solfa, ‘Do Re Mi’ will probably make more sense to you. The benefits of playing with this mode are very useful to singers. One of the advantages of this scale is that it is free from key signatures – the scale always remains the same, but the pitch changes depending on the key. Instead of a piano, you are given an array of the ‘hand signs’ for each solfa note.

All future features and updates

Once you upgrade, you will be entitled to all future features and updates free of charge.

Do you have a feature suggestion? Send it in – we’d love to hear your ideas.