Do You Actually Need Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons or keyboard lessons are generally the accepted method to learn piano. There is no doubt that having a private instructor to assist you helps you to learn, but often little progress is made during piano lessons. Improvement requires a combination of time, experience and feedback, but while a piano lesson will provide you with the feedback and experience, you are usually only in a lesson for a short time and only once a week. The missing ingredient here is time. You may spend a lot of time practicing piano during the week but you would be missing crucial feedback that helps accelerate learning. You can practice for hours and hours but make little improvement due to improper technique - this can be avoided if feedback is given. On top of all this, practicing can get boring very quickly and you can easily get caught up going through the motions with little advancement taking place. One solution is to have music lessons everyday. This would help to keep you on track and improving quickly, but this can get very expensive and is not be possible for everyone. Wouldn't it be great if you had a constant source of feedback whenever you practiced? What if you could make practicing keyboard a more enjoyable experience? PrestoKeys was designed to give you the feedback you need to rapidly improve at piano. It focuses on speeding up your reaction time to read notes and play them. Your time practicing with PrestoKeys will be more effective and enjoyable so you end up reading music and playing piano much faster. You could consider it as free piano lessons any time you feel up to it. Piano lessons are still important, but by using PrestoKeys you won't need to spend as much time on the tedious elements that you could learn at home. You can learn efficiently by having a piano lesson every now and then to make sure you don't fall into any bad habits and to save your money.

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